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Image design is based on their own temperament, contrary to the line with the shape of the temperament does not match their own temperament will not be a color. Elegant temperament dignified women, choose the same package should choose the same temperament models. Nude color, blue, camel and other soft and soft colors, women can be soft and elegant temperament set off, are a good choice. As for the shape, you have to choose a relatively solemn generous cut, so that their temperament to be highlighted.
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A sweet and lively girl, if carrying a full of rivets chain motorcycle package, will appear neither fish nor fowl, sweet girl’s sweet gone, rivets motorcycle bag handsome also disappeared, from this match can only feel To extremely discordant. Fresh and warm colors for playful little sweethearts, like this year’s popular cream color is a very good choice. Coupled with a lovely full of innocence ornaments, sweet and simple temperament will be contrasted most vividly.

There are always some girls, with their own unique style in the crowd, the catch eye-catching. In their body can not find the lace can not find pink, simple black and white can be their interpretation of a very charm. Their bags, naturally, the majority of black, some cool and cool locomotive models, and some are cut tough retro models, each one has a type of money. Stay fresh and short hair, with a white shirt, matched with a retro Kate Spade bag, handsome and feminine and with
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Height above 165cm, you can not pay too much attention to the size of the Kate Spade bag. Those handsome type of large bags, more and more can make you tall and outstanding body to be highlighted. In particular, like this can be put down the A4 paper vertical extension models, only the beauty of the beautiful girl who can control. Often being used to describe the petite, then choose petite and small bags against the background of their own bar.

Kate Spade Factory Outlet Bags Sale

A lot of love bags of children’s shoes just bought kate spade outlet bag, but for the care of the Kate Sibei bag maintenance problems. Generally speaking, kate spade handbags with skin parts are a touch of rice white, this cortical pores are open, easy to absorb oil and water, resulting in more and more color. In general, with the skin into a light honey is the most beautiful, so what to maintain a good kate spade bag? Kate spade how to protect the bag.
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The following for everyone to sort out kate spade outlet bag maintenance commonly used tools.Ordinary white cotton gloves Ordinary white cotton gloves in addition to wipe the surface of the dust bag, but also can be used to do with the skin care. In the handling of kate spade bag stains or kate spade handbags clean, with a clean white gloves back and forth gently wipe the bag with the skin, so as soon as possible with the skin pores closed from white to all Of the honey color.
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Soft brushes are soft brushes, such as toothbrush bristles soft brush shoes such as brush can be used to clean up those relatively solid card in the kate spade outlet bag in the dust, and will not damage the cortex.Flower stick cotton swabs are generally used to clean up a small range of stains, it can effectively cover the dust inside are clear out.The eraser is mainly used as an immediate treatment of small areas of lighter stains. Some kate spade handbags stains need to be dealt with immediately, otherwise the color will penetrate into the skin, even if the rubber can not wipe clean.
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Stockings waste stockings are used to just clean up the leather pieces of dust or dirty dirt is very ideal choice. But should pay attention to is that kate spade outlet must be frivolous ordinary stockings, if the fade or very fashionable mesh hollow lace and so no use, fade will also cause negative effects. The above is commonly used in life can be used to maintain the kate spade handbags of small tools, hope to be able to help you.Good trouble Oh, directly to the LC leather studio to do the cleaning care, also hundreds of can get, they are more professional than we use more

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In addition to the existing first letter printing personalized style, the season kate spade new york also introduced a new color palletable handbag strap, complicated tassel details, bronzing or leather stickers have been more rich personalized first letter prints.
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The series will also show the design inspiration most vividly, leather chapter, cute camel naughty blink, and rivets and accessories for the personalized single product more addicted to the style. Eye-catching colors, tassels and suture elements blend in a variety of footwear modeling. Woven sandals and flat shoes is quite relaxed and relaxed, and elegant straps with high-heeled shoes dotted with tassels, showing a surprising beauty. Metal texture with thick sandals dotted with a touch of gold, as well as luxury suede style, the same use of the season’s iconic color. We believe that every day is a new adventure.
Are you looking for a handbag that is enough to hold all your “equipment” with you? It must be Kate Spade new york Cameron Street series of handbags, silhouette classic yet stylish, large-capacity design for you to easily deal with any occasion. To talk about Kate Spade, and ultimately talk about two women – KateSpade and Deborah Lloyd.
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The former in 1993 founded the same name accessories company, which took over from the design team in 2007 after the new fashion, home and other product lines, the brand thus transformed into a more extensive lifestyle category. In the United States into a subprime crisis, Kate Spade launched a new fashion line. Deborah Lloyd can now easily recall the wandering and hesitant. Fortunately, the colorful fashion once launched on the market to receive praise, they are sold with commercial rivals black, gray fashion in sharp contrast.
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When people need a smile on the grounds, Kate Spade happens to step on the prospective time. As a turning point, Kate Spade gradually extended to become a lifestyle brand. When Kate Spade is also a member of the American clothing company Liz Claiborne, the brand is constantly trying to invest in the shade. So we saw the young vice line Kate Spade Saturday and the men’s line Jack Spade. Kate Spade CEO Craig Leavitt has issued a statement that the closure of low-cost vice line is the company in order to “reduce the brand’s dependence on endless promotions” to establish a “quality” of the full sale of the practice.

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Passionate, surprise moments, sweethearts, and you. This time please let kate spade new york exclusive Valentine’s Day gift to witness your romantic love story it!
Heart-shaped decals interpretation of romantic feelings, ears Cupid’s arrows tell sweet words. Kate spade new york sincere launch of the mine series, so that this Valentine’s Day is full of love and laughter, so that you or another partner can be at first sight.
Kate spade new york on the International Women’s Day, launched a new On Purpose public event online event to support the brand’s long-standing corporate social responsibility program and economic model. Kate spade new york has always been committed to giving women more power. We set up women in the backward areas of the on purpose series handbag manufacturing enterprises, so that women in the workplace by the affirmation, so encourage each other, encourage family, create value.

Kate Spade & Company works with craftsmen in Masoro, Rwanda, Rwanda to help them build their own for-profit business. Today, Kate Spade & Company has established a partnership with Abaizi Dushygikirane Ltd. (ADC), a for-profit handbag maker. Based on collaboration with Kate Spade & Company, ADC’s social business philosophy is to create economic and social benefits for all stakeholders, including companies, employees, and local communities in which the company is located.

Kate Spade expansion

With respect to the most active and expansive light luxury brands, Kate Spade more cautious and slow. The world’s major markets are not out of the doldrums of the economic environment, Kate Spade by closing the double-track, men to clear positioning, by reducing Scitech outlet and reducing discounts to maintain brand image, so that last year’s third quarter sales rose 10.7%, stable expansion rhythm to avoid big ups and downs.


Slow expansion

Earlier this year, Kate Spade termination of cooperation with Scitech outlet, and in mid-March has been assigned to the Xidan Joy City, slowly expanding Beijing market

.The industry believes that, Kate Spade audience is mainly young, female fashion, choose the Xidan Joy City and Springfield Soar Teles, the brand may be under the control of the premise of cost effective practices out higher-quality stores, while , Kate Spade also control the expansion of low-cost Outlet stores.

Kate Spade (KS) and Michael Kors (MK) bags,Which is better?

Many people will ask which is better, if we generally judge a brand is better, will use a large sentence saying, “the more expense,the better.” In fact Kate Spade (KS) is consistent with the Michael Kors (MK) bag price positioning, and therefore the majority of younger sister and older women who can go along with the heart, with their own clothes closet, choose your favorite style.


Kate Spade  was founded by the New York fashion regulars Kate Brosnaham  in 1993. Smart style with simple, bright bold colors and playful attitude swept New York. Bold tone with limitless energy exhibit Kate spade girl inside for a better vision of the future and fearless. In short: young, dynamic, bright.

In a word,everybody could choose their bags just follow their own hearts,not just by the price,the color,the style…..

fashion kate spade

Science and Technology Circle and in the fashion world seems to have been fragmented state of science and technology do not understand the idea of fashion, fashion do not do technology products. Nevertheless, some big fashion still willing to test the waters in science and technology, do not want to miss this wave of mobile intelligent tide.

In March this year, the fashion giant Gucci Black Eyed Peas singer Will.i.am announced with the launch of a new smart watch, and now, US light luxury brand Kate Spade handbags have launched a smart charging.
The message from the wsj, Kate Spade and startups Everpurse cooperation jointly launched a new family of intelligent charging handbags. Users simply place the phone on the package, you can give the phone to charge. Such smart handbags to support iPhone5 iPhone 6 Plus series, handbags after a full charge allows the iPhone users to properly use the phone for two days.In addition, women do not need to pack harness charge, as long as the charge on the seat cushion can be wireless charging.

Kate Spade bag true and false identification method

first step:
Shop located in the right places.You will not find a real Kate Spade purse at the mall kiosk, purse party, flea markets, street vendors stalls or online auction sites. If you find a KateSpade bag when you shop at these places, it is quite slim of an opportunity to the real thing.
Step two:
See the price tag. An authentic Kate Spade purse cost between $ 175 and $ 595 in 2010. Although there is always likely to score bargain if you offer a price much lower than $ 175, there’s a good chance the bag is a fake.

third step:
Check mark. Authentic Kate Spade New York bags have sewn fabric or embossed leather wallet Labeling printed or marked on the fabric. Logo bag logo Compare Kate Spade on the company website: Kate Spade, and should be larger, and all the smaller New York, all capital letters following lowercase letters.

Kate spade information

Kate spade bag fresh colorful interpretation of a spring and summer and then will usher in amorous autumn and winter, combined with superb craftsmanship and fine fabrics, with England Check, colored stripes, flowers freehand patterns and so proud of Women elegant and lovely, in the new season of individuality and elegance.


British style prevalent in the fall and winter, Kate spade Release classic Plaid handbags, hand bags do not have to show the gorgeous, Plaid canvas materials do not have a strong style. Colorful flower and bird designs handbags continuation Kate spade with bright pattern known tradition. Color stripe handbags bring some leisure time relaxing comfort. Contrasting color gives a fresh and invigorating experience. Touch of luxury style, taste texture of life.


Kate Spade story

Kate Spade was famous by handbags, shoes in American, founder of Kate Spade after graduating from university in 1986, in New York magazine, in 1991 she left magazine, in which six or seven years of fashion magazine editorial.
In her career, she felt American market lack of both fashion and practicality, so she decided to start her own brand. Launched in 1993 the first Kate Spade handbags series. This handbag series with classic shape bag as the basic, with satin soft nylon surface to make, or, with other unexpected color and fabric to make, the effect although surprised. Just a few years has been renowned in the United States, the United States to become a new brand in New York.

After so many years,Kate Spade has become one of the most popular handbags brand in America as other brand coach, michael kors…..