Kate Spade (KS) and Michael Kors (MK) bags,Which is better?

Many people will ask which is better, if we generally judge a brand is better, will use a large sentence saying, “the more expense,the better.” In fact Kate Spade (KS) is consistent with the Michael Kors (MK) bag price positioning, and therefore the majority of younger sister and older women who can go along with the heart, with their own clothes closet, choose your favorite style.


Kate Spade  was founded by the New York fashion regulars Kate Brosnaham  in 1993. Smart style with simple, bright bold colors and playful attitude swept New York. Bold tone with limitless energy exhibit Kate spade girl inside for a better vision of the future and fearless. In short: young, dynamic, bright.

In a word,everybody could choose their bags just follow their own hearts,not just by the price,the color,the style…..

fashion kate spade

Science and Technology Circle and in the fashion world seems to have been fragmented state of science and technology do not understand the idea of fashion, fashion do not do technology products. Nevertheless, some big fashion still willing to test the waters in science and technology, do not want to miss this wave of mobile intelligent tide.

In March this year, the fashion giant Gucci Black Eyed Peas singer Will.i.am announced with the launch of a new smart watch, and now, US light luxury brand Kate Spade handbags have launched a smart charging.
The message from the wsj, Kate Spade and startups Everpurse cooperation jointly launched a new family of intelligent charging handbags. Users simply place the phone on the package, you can give the phone to charge. Such smart handbags to support iPhone5 iPhone 6 Plus series, handbags after a full charge allows the iPhone users to properly use the phone for two days.In addition, women do not need to pack harness charge, as long as the charge on the seat cushion can be wireless charging.

Kate Spade bag true and false identification method

first step:
Shop located in the right places.You will not find a real Kate Spade purse at the mall kiosk, purse party, flea markets, street vendors stalls or online auction sites. If you find a KateSpade bag when you shop at these places, it is quite slim of an opportunity to the real thing.
Step two:
See the price tag. An authentic Kate Spade purse cost between $ 175 and $ 595 in 2010. Although there is always likely to score bargain if you offer a price much lower than $ 175, there’s a good chance the bag is a fake.

third step:
Check mark. Authentic Kate Spade New York bags have sewn fabric or embossed leather wallet Labeling printed or marked on the fabric. Logo bag logo Compare Kate Spade on the company website: Kate Spade, and should be larger, and all the smaller New York, all capital letters following lowercase letters.