Kate Spade bag true and false identification method

first step:
Shop located in the right places.You will not find a real Kate Spade purse at the mall kiosk, purse party, flea markets, street vendors stalls or online auction sites. If you find a KateSpade bag when you shop at these places, it is quite slim of an opportunity to the real thing.
Step two:
See the price tag. An authentic Kate Spade purse cost between $ 175 and $ 595 in 2010. Although there is always likely to score bargain if you offer a price much lower than $ 175, there’s a good chance the bag is a fake.

third step:
Check mark. Authentic Kate Spade New York bags have sewn fabric or embossed leather wallet Labeling printed or marked on the fabric. Logo bag logo Compare Kate Spade on the company website: Kate Spade, and should be larger, and all the smaller New York, all capital letters following lowercase letters.

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