fashion kate spade

Science and Technology Circle and in the fashion world seems to have been fragmented state of science and technology do not understand the idea of fashion, fashion do not do technology products. Nevertheless, some big fashion still willing to test the waters in science and technology, do not want to miss this wave of mobile intelligent tide.

In March this year, the fashion giant Gucci Black Eyed Peas singer announced with the launch of a new smart watch, and now, US light luxury brand Kate Spade handbags have launched a smart charging.
The message from the wsj, Kate Spade and startups Everpurse cooperation jointly launched a new family of intelligent charging handbags. Users simply place the phone on the package, you can give the phone to charge. Such smart handbags to support iPhone5 iPhone 6 Plus series, handbags after a full charge allows the iPhone users to properly use the phone for two days.In addition, women do not need to pack harness charge, as long as the charge on the seat cushion can be wireless charging.

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