Kate Spade expansion

With respect to the most active and expansive light luxury brands, Kate Spade more cautious and slow. The world’s major markets are not out of the doldrums of the economic environment, Kate Spade by closing the double-track, men to clear positioning, by reducing Scitech outlet and reducing discounts to maintain brand image, so that last year’s third quarter sales rose 10.7%, stable expansion rhythm to avoid big ups and downs.


Slow expansion

Earlier this year, Kate Spade termination of cooperation with Scitech outlet, and in mid-March has been assigned to the Xidan Joy City, slowly expanding Beijing market

.The industry believes that, Kate Spade audience is mainly young, female fashion, choose the Xidan Joy City and Springfield Soar Teles, the brand may be under the control of the premise of cost effective practices out higher-quality stores, while , Kate Spade also control the expansion of low-cost Outlet stores.